Changing My Way of Thinking

Today we are going to talk about changing your way of thinking. On a typical day, my negative thoughts outweighed my positive thoughts. It felt like a constant battle between good and evil.

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    Hello Queens!Forgiveness is easier said than done. I could forgive others but couldn't forgive myself for the mistakes I've made. Mistakes are meant to teach valuable lessons, not keep you from living. How could I evolve into the woman I need to be for others and myself, if I hold on to the past? My therapist asked me why do I blame myself for past situations and take the blame off the other party involve? At the moment, I didn't have an answer. The reason I had trouble forgiving myself was that I held myself to a standard that was unimaginable to reach. I am not a robot, I'm a human being, and I make mistakes just like everyone...

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